How does EFT (aka "Tapping") help with stress?

Jun 07, 2021

Did you know....

When you’ve experienced chronic or high levels of stress (i.e. - trauma, adversity, or a pile up of too many things for too long) your stress response system actually becomes too effective?!

In simplest terms, the stress response system = how our brain processes information. This overactive system is CONSTANTLY scanning your environment for THREAT which is why you can’t break out of feelings of stress (you may call this anger, anxiety, depression, being triggered). Even when there is no threat, the Stress Response System acts as if it’s there and you notice you are in chronic FIGHT/FLIGHT/FREEZE. 

THE BRAIN JUST WANTS TO KEEP YOU ALIVE. So it’s doing it’s job - even if it doesn’t feel that way.  

Mindfulness practices are a great way to become aware of shifts in your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and body sensations - so you can use tools and strategies to move yourself toward a place of calm. Often times our body will signal signs of threat before we are conscious of it. (For me that usually shows up as tightness in my chest or muscle tension.)

One of my favorite tools with clients is EFT. I have seen such incredible shifts in clients in such brief periods it blows my mind.  It helps you clear out all that old stress and teach your body it’s safe.  Allowing you to live a more enjoyable life.  

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