More than just therapy. 

With consistent practice of some quick and effective skills, each and every one of us can develop a healthy stress management regimen.

Our framework is a relationally rich and physiologically sensitive model. Based on an understanding of the healing power of relationships and mindfulness, our model draws from established practices in order to support the ongoing development of community and individual wellness.

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How would it feel to be able to actually enjoy your summer? No more feeling the overwhelm of planning around your new schedule, stressing about vacation itineraries, or worrying about everyday life! Your self-care begins with your emotional and mental health.

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Our tools are designed with ease and adaptability in mind, helping people leverage the power of mindfulness practices and nurturing relationships to reduce stress.

21 Days to Less Stress

Throughout this program, Lynn will teach you what you need to know about stress so you can improve how you cope with stress to ACTUALLY stress LESS.

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Strengthening Connections

This course gives you fun activities to help learn & practice stress management skills. Perfect for families, teachers, and caregivers alike!

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- Words of Affirmation from Past Clients -

"I worked with Lynn throughout 2020 in one on one tapping sessions. Every session I made progress and felt significant shifts in my thinking, relaxation and support in my body and often, more emotional control and expansion of the heart. I worked with Lynn on a variety of issues including stress management, boundaries, family dynamics, a breakup and client relationships. Her talent is obvious and so deeply appreciated."

Hi there! I'm Lynn!

The roles of being a Mom, Therapist, and Yoga Instructor have significant influence on the birth of Connect. Flow. Grow., but the biggest influence will always be my experience of being human.

Being human is complex. It’s the most universal truth I can come up with based on my professional and lived experience. These complexities result in each of us having a completely unique version of what it means to be human. My version goes something like this: a fair amount of childhood adversity that led to some difficulties in adulthood, which then necessitated lots of healing so I could reduce the impact my own sh*t has on my kids (a lot of hard work went into condensing that down to a single sentence).

As a therapist, my niche is stress response system activation, which includes daily stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma responses. I’ve used this expertise in public, private, and non-profit settings; including probation, child welfare, educational settings, and substance abuse treatment. There is a lot we can do to reduce the impact of stress; one of my favorite places to start is MINDFULNESS. Yoga was my entry point - it helped me address years of anxiety. But yoga isn’t for everyone. You can practice mindfulness in most daily activities. For me it often looks like Crossfit, meditation, journaling, and spending time in nature (yup, straight up tree hugger here).

There is a lot on my plate, and I am committed to staying balanced for myself and my boys (three of the world’s most perfect angels) - so I work daily to keep my stress levels low. The boys are killing it with their emotional intelligence and I hope they are representative of their generation, because the world is going to be the most amazing place with them in charge!


Having a better understanding of our mental and emotional health is so important.

I can’t separate out any of my roles, so this blog is a place where I teach you about stress and being human through (mostly) my stories and other topics that are exciting and interesting to me. Whether you arrived here to figure out how to navigate the human experience better, or for some casual reading, I’m glad you’re here.

I am using my coping skills, why aren't they working?

Mar 21, 2023

What is an immobilized response?

Apr 04, 2023

Why are people so controlling?

Apr 18, 2023

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- Words of Affirmation from Past Clients -

"My work with Lynn started when I needed it the most. At the time I was feeling stuck and unhappy with life. I hated my job, was hopeless about love, and overall, had no direction with what I wanted to accomplish in life. Coaching with her was AMAZING! We immediately got started with EFT Tapping and it had an incredible impact on my journey of healing. Not only was I able to process and start to heal emotional wounds I never knew were there, but I also learned strategies I still use regularly. Within two months of starting my work with Lynn, I felt empowered to make changes and found an amazing job I am passionate about. Less than a year later, life is amazing. I find joy in my work, I’m hopeful about love, and about to become a first-time homebuyer. Not only was she a light in a moment of darkness, but she reminded me that I have everything I need to be the keeper of my own light."

I founded Connect. Flow. Grow because I need my impact to be BIGGER than just myself and my kids. My vision for Connect. Flow. Grow. is to help individuals, families, and communities transform their version of what it means to be human - so their story can become one of LOVEHOPE, and COMPASSION.
- Lynn Jimenez
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