Stress is a part of life, and most of us weren’t taught how to manage it.

Self-care practices are the best way to keep stress levels low. This event is for you if you need to lower your stress levels, or you need to refresh your self care practices.
We have teamed up with our FAVORITE people to bring you some of best practices to prevent and reduce stress. 

Self Care Summer will give you the strategy and tools people use to stress less and enjoy life more.

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Not sure if you're stressed?

You might be feeling...

➢ Irritable over the little things
➢ Overwhelmed with daily tasks
➢ Exhausted constantly
➢ Stuck in your daily routine or business

Or if you find that you are...

➢ Emotionally eating
➢ Not sleeping well (or at all)
➢ Mindlessly scrolling the internet or watching TV 
➢ Having racing thoughts
➢ Noticing brain fog on a daily basis

If you’ve been experiencing any of these, then this event is for you!

Sound like something you're going through?

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Kick-off Event

You will be invited to our virtual kick-off to meet Lynn, and get a game plan going to get the most out of the challenge without increasing your stress. 

Self Care Videos

We have brought together some of the most practical and effective self-care leaders to share their favorite practices with you.  Each video will teach you a skill you can use to add to  your self-care routine. 

21 Day Stress Less Challenge

Our hottest course, this self-paced course helps you develop the strategy and teaches you the tools needed to reduce stress and live a more enjoyable life. Content is delivered digitally and will teach you about stress, help you identify your stress, and develop a plan to reduce the impacts of stress. 

Online group coaching

During these virtual sessions you will meet with Lynn, to dive deeper into the content, discuss any challenges to reducing your stress, and learn how to adapt the tools to make them fit more naturally into your life.

1:1 EFT 

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) aka tapping is like acupressure for the emotions.  Helping you remove emotional blocks keeping you from being less stressed - these 1:1 zoom  sessions will help you target your goals and help you gain the maximum benefit from this event!

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